How to Make the Bible Come Alive

bible leaves aliveHow to Make the Bible Come Alive

Christian parents want their children to study and read the Bible. But most children regard the Bible as a boring book that their parents read. Or course it isn’t boring – I love to study it!. But how do we inspire our children to read the Bible? How do we make the Bible come alive to them? How do we make it something that they want to read and live by?

One key way is to understand that children love to discover stories about real life people. The Bible is full of interesting characters – How about we introduce these characters to our kids?

Every Bible character interacted with God sometime in their life – while our kids are reading about the character they will be discovering how God interacts with people throughout history.

It is good to emphasize again and again that the stories in the Bible are real – they really happened.

  • Jonah did get swallowed by a large fish for 3 days.
  • Noah really built a giant ship and told everyone that it was going to rain when the people had no idea what rain was.
  • David as a teenager did kill a giant warrior with just a little stone.
  • Daniel did survive being thrown into a den of lions.

The Bible is full of amazing stories of how God delivered people who trusted in Him.

Make a study of these amazing people and their amazing life stories with your children and teenagers.

Earlier this year, my sons were reading about the lives of the Kings of Israel and they created a report on each one. The study brought interesting discussions at the dinner table about what went right or wrong with each king.

Here’s a list of Bible Characters that you could use to help make the Bible come alive to your family:

Top Ten Boy Bible Characters

  1. Abel and Cain – the first murder of the Bible – okay maybe this would be better for older boys. Genesis 4
  2. David the Shepherd boy and the king. He killed a giant with just a stone and a slingshot at probably 16 years of age! 1 Samuel from chapter 16
  3. Samson - this guy did some amazing things like kill 1000 Philistine soldiers with just a jaw bone of a donkey. Judges chapters 13-16
  4. Joshua - this guy is one of my favourites – an excellent example of positive leadership. He even has his own book of the Bible – Joshua.
  5. Jonah -a must read – all about running away from God and ending up in a big fish for a couple of days. Check it out in the book of Jonah.
  6. Daniel This dude was fearless and full of faith in his God. He was a major player in Babylonian history – see the book of Daniel
  7. Elijah - Check out the story of Elijah in 1 Kings 17. A guy who announced that it wouldn’t rain for a while to calling down fire from heaven.
  8. Noah – We have to include Noah and the ark. Genesis chapters 6 – 9. He survived the greatest natural disaster that has ever come against the planet.
  9. Moses- We can’t leave out the greatest leader of the Hebrew people – he rescued them from slavery in Egypt and lead them into the land promised to them by God. Start reading his story from Exodus chapter 1.
  10. Jesus- The last but not the least – Jesus. The whole Bible is centered on Jesus – the son of God. Matthew , Mark, Luke and John all wrote a book about his life on earth – but you will find him throughout the whole Bible.

Top Five Girl Bible Characters

  1. Esther – a queen who happened to be Jewish and who saved her people from annihilation. It is a powerful story. Read it from the book of Esther.
  2. Ruth – an amazing love story. Read how this young girl lost her husband and chose to travel with her mother in law to another country and find her true love – Boaz. Beautiful story of redeeming love – you can see Jesus throughout this story! Check out the book of Ruth.
  3. Mary – the mother of Jesus. What a story! chosen to be the earthly mother of the son of God. Read her story in Matthew chapter 1.
  4. Hagar – sad sad story. She was an Egyptian slave for Abraham and Sarah. Taken from her country and traveling with a Hebrew family. Genesis 16 and 21
  5. Rachel - another love story. Read how Jacob meets Rachel and how he had to work 14 years in order to marry her. From Genesis 29.

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  I would love to hear how you bring the Bible alive to your children – feel free to comment below.

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