How to Motivate Kids to Pray

I am going to share with you a secret, a key – to motivating kids to pray.


We, as Christian parents, desire for our kids to know God, right?

The one way two people get to know each other is to communicate – talk, have a chat.

Basically, Chatting with God is Prayer.

It is actually quite simple but many young people have a hang up with prayer. Maybe they think that-

  • they aren’t perfect enough
  • don’t have the right words
  • or they are too young…..

… hold a conversation with Almighty God, creator of the Universe. But , parent, it is our job privilege to teach them how to talk to God.

Does that scare you?

Please don’t let it scare you.

You know, we don’t have to have it all together or sorted to pass down our faith to our kids. I definitely don’t have it all sorted in my life. All we need is a desire to see our kids connecting with God and the Holy Spirit – He will help us. Always.

So what is my secret? What is the key to motivating our kids to pray?

The secret is to…..Just Pray

 Pray Yourself and with Your Kids!

Yes, I know it is a bit too simple. But it truly – it is the answer. Become more open with your prayers. Include your kids more.

Simple Motivating Prayer Ideas

  • Inspire your kids by sharing your prayers and answers.
  • Involve your kids in praying for other people.
  • Bless them at night with a bedtime prayer. They are never to old for a blessing before sleep. I know, I have teenage sons and I still place my hand on their head and say a very short prayer of blessing over them.
  • Make your prayers short and specific. Don’t talk to God about the problem – He already knows! He wants us to ask Him for the solution.
  • Pray over them (out loud) when they are having difficulty with school work.
  • Always pray when someone is not well. It is good to teach your children that God wants them to be well and healthy. He is a good God who gives His children (that’s us!) good gifts and healing is one of them. It is by Jesus’ stripes that we are healed. Praise God!
  • Involve your kids in praying for finances – it is awesome to see the provision flowing and your kids have been a part of the process.
  • Don’t drop saying “grace” at dinner time. It is a perfect opportunity to speak to God while the whole family is together.
  • Remember to praise God! especially when an answer arrives – stop everything and acknowledge His provision.
  • Shoot up a prayer (aloud with your kids) when you are in your car driving. The kids can’t leave the car! I take this opportunity to pray over the activity we are driving to and the things we have scheduled for the day.
  • Lost something? Pray! We are in the habit of always praying when something goes missing – God knows exactly where it is, so why not ask Him?
  • Expect to hear back from God – this is so important. Look for the answer – don’t just pray without expecting the answer to come. Teach your children to expect God to answer. It is so exciting to see a prayer answered and watch our children’s faith in God grow.
  • Worry is not an option when you pray. Leave your request in His hands and continue your day knowing that He is taking care of it. This is such an important lesson for your children and teenagers to learn. It will relieve years of stress!
  • Thank God in everything. There is always something that they can be thankful to God for. A thankful heart is a precious thing.

Okay, these are not a quick ideas – it is something that takes time and patience. It is a lifestyle of talking with God. Naturally. Just like breathing.

It’s not something that you force on your children or teenagers. Just do it gently and as part of your everyday living. Just add one more way of connecting with God through prayer until it becomes part of your lifestyle then add another until your day with your kids is layered in prayer.

Ohh, I love that – layered in prayer.

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